Article Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting an article for publication:

Originality: Articles submitted to MPA Media must be written exclusively for one or more of MPA Media's print or online publications (Dynamic Chiropractic, Dynamic Chiropractic Canada, Chiropractic Nutritional Wellness, Massage Today, Acupuncture Today or To Your Health), and must not have been previously published or submitted to any other publisher.

Promotion: Articles must not be commercial or promotional with respect to any specific product or service. If an article is publishable but contains promotional content, we will request that the author resubmit the article after such references have been removed or reworded. Doing so protects the legitimacy of your article in the eyes of our readership. See credentials section for company affiliation stipulations.

Length: Our readers tell us they are more likely to read short, concise articles. We recommend a length of approximately 750-1,200 words, typed, single-spaced. Longer submissions will be rejected or, if accepted, split into multiple parts.

Formatting: We prefer Microsoft Word documents in an 11-point Times New Roman font, as it translates best for our graphic design department. If you do not have Word, a simple text file will work, even pasted into the body of an e-mail message. In ALL cases, please include relevant links to online reference materials. Please do not send PDF files. Our editorial board only considers electronic submissions.

Credentials: Please include verifiable contact and credential information (i.e., curriculum vitae and/or brief biography) with all submissions. We will include a short bio sketch of the author with each published article. Company affiliation as it relates to the article (one mention), and one method of contact (Web or e-mail address) are permissible in the author bio only. Reference to specific products, services or proprietary techniques is prohibited.

Review Process: An in-house editorial panel reviews all articles; occasionally, an article may be sent to an outside reviewer for additional input. In general, this process takes approximately six weeks. You will receive notification by e-mail as to whether MPA Media is interested in publishing your article.

Copyright: If an article is accepted for publication, an "Assignment of Copyright" form will be sent to you. It must be signed and returned before we can publish your work. This form ensures that you have not published your work elsewhere and that if it is published subsequently in any non-MPA Media format, it must include acknowledgement of the MPA Media publication in which it originally appeared. This also allows MPA Media to protect you from those who would attempt to reprint your article without permission.

Publishing Timeline: MPA Media, like most publishers, has a backlog of articles waiting to be published. As a result, a newly accepted article may not immediately be published, unless it is a news item or is otherwise time-critical. We make every effort to publish all accepted articles on a timely basis, and will contact you as soon as your article has been scheduled for publication. We do not base placement of an article on any scheduled advertising; any instances in which editorial content appears similar to an advertisement are strictly coincidental.

Editorial Calendars / Schedules

Submission Deadlines

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