Dynamic Chiropractic Deals & Events Newsletter

Dynamic Chiropractic Deals & Events Newsletter

Free to all doctors of chiropractic and students, the Deals & Events subscriber-based e-mail newsletter offers specials on select products, services and events. DC Deals and Events is also featured on www.dynamicchiropractic.com.

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DC Deals & EventsDC Deals & Events
DC Deals & Events ExclusiveDC Deals & Events Exclusive

Ad Rates and Specifications

Frequency 1X 5X 13X 26X
Exclusive Deals & Events $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Position 1-5 $525 $505 $480 $455
Standard $450 $430 $405 $380
Double* $810 $790 $765 $745

Acceptable files:
gif, jpg, pdf; files should not exceed 35K for standard sized ad. 70K for Double Banner ad.
Note: Banners cannot be animated (including flash animation), contain embedded video or javascript.

Your Deals and Events ad can include:
A typed description of your products, services, events, e-mail address, web links and graphics.

HTML Ad dimensions:

MAX: 550 pixel x 252 pixel (7.64" x 3.5") includes 2-pixel border around it (default color is black).

MAX: 550 pixel x 504 pixel (7.64" x 7") includes 2-pixel border around it (default color is black).

*Exclusive D&E
MAX: 550 pixel x variable height (7.64" x variable height).

*For Responsive e-mail file type, please avoid the following when building your E-Blast:

  • avoid sending E-mail files wider than 550 pixels, they may not be accepted
  • avoid using body background color
  • avoid using background images because they do not always render correctly in specific email clients

Dynamic Chiropractic Deals & Events prices are based on current circulation and are subject to change as the number of subscribers increase.

* Only 2 Double Ads permitted per blast.


For more information on advertising contact us at 1-800-324-7758 or e-mail us at advertising@mpamedia.com.