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The Massage therapy profession demands trustworthy information and has turned to the MPA Media suite of print and digital publications and products as their first choice. Massage Today publishes information and news whether it's a new technique, a legislative update, the latest research or industry trends, massage therapists read about it in Massage Today. Our advertisers tell us that our readers are decision-makers who are engaged with the publication. They can tell by the exceptional high number of responses and the sell-through rates their Massage Today print and digital ads bring them.


Massage Therapist Demographics

  • 44.4% - Sell products to their clients
  • 46.4 years old - Median age
  • 11.6 years - Average years in practice
  • 71.4% - Have made online purchases for their practices

Products Recommended / Discussed / Sold to Massage Clients

Source: MPA Media Survey of Massage Therapists, 2008


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