Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

Your business and technologies may change, but the one thing that is unlikely to change is this – marketing is critical to the success of your business. Regardless of your business type, product or services, online or traditional, a lack of consistent communication with your current and future customers can cost you in the long run.

Using both online and offline marketing together can help you maximize your marketing budget and result in an even better return on investment.

Is an Integrated Marketing Strategy right for your business?

If you're like most business owners and decision makers, you most likely have a set marketing budget. With no money to waste, your main goal is to get the most for your marketing investment. If increasing your ROI appeals to you, then consider an integrated marketing strategy.

Market research consistently shows that online advertising can boost brand impact but also that print advertising is still as relevant as ever. What experts also say is that media combinations create synergy. And there is strength in numbers – using multiple media together has greater impact than an individual medium on its own.

The benefits of an integrated online/offline marketing campaign

Momentum increases ROI – Consumers gather bits of data about products and services from different sources to construct the whole picture. Each impression builds on the other by reaching the consumer in a different way, at a different time in the buying cycle. If the message and branding are consistent across various online and offline advertising media, the repetition will capture and retain the consumer's attention, increasing your chances of getting the sale.

Relationship-building leads to repeat business and referrals – Integrating media increases the number of "touch-points" with the customer, resulting in a stronger relationship. Offline customers can be sent email fulfillment or invitations to online events, such as Web casts. Contacts gathered online can be invited to an Open House, seminar, or special event or reception at trade shows or conferences.

Start Planning Now

If you have made the decision that an Integrated Marketing Strategy is right for your business, we will work with you to create a high impact campaign that in line with your goals. To get started, try this exercise: The 5 Questions Every Company Should Ask Themselves.


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