Publication Apps
Advertising Opportunities

All MPA Media publication apps provide multiple opportunities for advertisers to create engaging ads that offer greater exposure and visibility through motion, increased interactivity and the delivery of additional content.

Currently, we offer six types of ads broken down into three categories as listed below: Animated/Motion Graphics, Ad Enrichments, and Feature Ads. In some cases, the number of certain types of ads available for a given issue of a publication may be limited.

All app ads will include an advertiser website link and up to 6 social media links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Google+, RSS) at no charge. Your MPA advertising sales executive can provide more details and complete pricing information.

Animation / Motion Graphics

Feature Ads


Video Advertising


For more information on advertising contact us at 1-800-324-7758 or e-mail us at Find an MPA sales executive.